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1932 - Chevrolet Fire Truck 

The 1932 Chevrolet fire truck had a 300 gallon per minute front end pump and carried a 350 gallon water tank. The registration has it listed as a tank truck, seating 3, color red, 6 cylinder, motor #T2984797 and SN#836573.

Charter member Ernie Kunz stated that this truck was used to supply water to the 1928 American LaFrance pumper which had very little water. Following from the editor - I called charter member Mike Czupil and he said, "That 32 Chevrolet fire truck came from Chinatown, now Riley's Cove. They gave it to the fire company. I did work for them with my dump truck. In the summer we played around in the lake with it. They had summer drills. It ran good. It was in good shape." The company went by the name West Side Fire Department of Saratoga Lake back then.

Mike Czupil continued "When we would get going down the road at about 50 mph the floor boards would rise up and hit you on the back of your legs. But this still was a good little truck." George Seeley recalled, "You rang the fire bell that was under the fender by stepping on a pedal located on the running board."

1932 Chevrolet Fire Truck

(This 1932 Chevrolet fire truck is similar to the one owned by Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, only it lacks a front-mount pump.)

The first sign that the fire company had this truck appears in the April 3, 1950 meeting minutes. They state, "Chief Ferris reported that help is needed to get the little truck in condition". At the June 9, 1952 meeting, a motion was made to purchase a 600 gallon tank for $25.00 for the small truck and bring it to the firehouse. The treasurer's book shows that on September 3, 1952 two tires costing $90.20 were purchased for the small truck. On September 8, 1952, a motion was made to put the small truck in order with the expenses not to exceed $50.00. At the December 8, 1952 meeting, a motion was made and passed to finish mounting the tank, and completing same for use. During the February 9, 1953 meeting, Chief Trussel reported that fittings were ordered for the pump connections for the reconditioned Chevy truck. This might indicate that the truck was changed from a 350 gallon tank to 600 gallon tank. The minutes also indicate they were having trouble with pump pressure.

In August 1957, this truck was put up for bids. One bid was received by telephone for $150.00 from Robert W. Bantz of Delaware, OH. On September 16, 1957 the truck was picked up and driven to Ohio.