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Become a Volunteer - Be a Part of Excellence

Malta is depending on you! As a volunteer firefighter you're protecting local businesses, homes and lives. You're rescuing people from motor vehicle accidents and helping to ensure the safety of the community.


 Don't want to run into a burning building? You still have more to offer. Many positions allow department members to focus on training and emergency response scene support. Experience is not necessary because we provide all the training you'll ever need for free.

Don't think you have the time? Volunteer around your own schedule.

Volunteers receive:

  • State Income Tax Credits 
  • Worker's Compensation 
  • Free Training 
  • Free Uniforms and Equipment 
  • Malta Property Tax Breaks 
  • Monthly Retirement Payments
  • Retirement Home Benefits


Contact us to find out more about being a volunteer. We'll be happy to speak with you. You can also see our membership application here.