Notre Dame Cathedral Fire - The Day After

Photo: Benoit Moser, Associated Press

Photo: Benoit Moser, Associated Press

Yesterday, the world lost a piece of something truly special. It is not just a French or Catholic tragedy, but a global calamity to see something so beautiful and so historic on fire. Gratefully, much of the structure and many of the irreplaceable pieces of artwork were able to be saved. Additionally, support is already pouring in to rebuild. From the ashes of this catastrophe, something great will rise. However, it would have been better to never have happened at all.

The cause is still being investigated, but initial reports are pointing towards an accident from restoration efforts that started the blaze in the roof. It potentially could have been an electrical problem from temporary power cables needed for the renovations or a carelessly thrown cigarette butt.

Whatever the cause, this horrible catastrophe should inspire us all to take a moment and think about how we can be intentional about preventing such a disaster in our own lives.

1.      Fire alarms are not a nuisance; they keep you and your property safe. The fire at Notre Dame triggered multiple alarms; however, the fire was not discovered until 23 minutes after the first alarm went off. Take any fire alarm seriously and make sure yours are in working order.

2.      Think about what you can do to prevent a fire from occurring. The caretakers at Notre Dame took a multitude of precautions, but this horrific fire still occurred. There is always a risk, but it is important to reduce that risk as much as possible.

3.      Continue to educate yourself and learn about fire prevention. The Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Company is committed to continued training and education for our members as well as the entire community. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe below to receive periodic email updates. Also, consider attending our Open House event on April 27th!

4.      Always remember that you, your family, and your property are worth protecting! If you take anything from this event, let it inspire you to action in taking that one extra step towards fire prevention at home or at your workplace. Fire prevention cannot stop at education, it must be acted our every day!